Welcome to SimplePassiveIncome.net. The purpose of this website it to discuss various financial platforms that offer an opportunity to earn money from home with or without investment. This topic has been discussed at length online by a vast number of websites, mainly because the idea of earning money online is not only fascinating but it is an ideal to a lot of individuals. The idea of working from your laptop anywhere, anytime is desirable to anyone who is tired of trading time for dollar, commuting and all the traffic, spending more time with your family and friends and doing whatever you want to do when you want to do it.


You might be looking to earn some extra income alongside your primary job, or you want to start something new and take full control of your time and the money you earn, or maybe you are a student trying to earn something on the side to pay your tuitions. Whatever your reason is for wanting to make that extra cash online, this website will guide you through carefully to ensure that you not only save hours and hours searching for a legit online business that pays but that you also save money you would have wasted joining programs that don’t work.


These Are My Best Recommended Work From Home Sites


Mize Network – Maximize Yourself

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Mize Network Review – Legit Or Scam?

Mize Network Powernodes Review



Cloud Token Wallet

Cloud Token Review

Cloud Token Review – Paid to HODL

Cloud Token Video Tutorials




APPI Travels

APPI Travels Review –  Is It Legit or Just Another Scam?

Appi Travels Proof of Payment

 Video Tutorials




Bitcoin Wallets / Exchanges

In order to participate in the programs above you will need a bitcoin wallet or to sign up for an exchange.




Download the Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started with LUNO



2. Spectrocoin


Download the Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Started with Spectrocoin


3. Coinbase


Download the Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started with Coinbase






Payment Processors


earn money online without investment

In order to sign up for some of the programs discussed on this website you will also need a payment processor (in case the business doesn’t support cryptocurrency yet) which will enable you to fund your business account and to also withdraw funds to your your payment processor. So there’s three things involved here, it’s the business, the online processor, and your local bank. You need to move money from your local bank into your business and later withdraw your earnings from the business back into your local bank account. That’s where payment processors come in.


They are the middleman between your local bank and your business.


Read more about about your payment processor of choice and create a free account. You need at least one payment processor in order to top up funds and to withdraw your earnings. However, I would recommend at least two of these so you can have options.

Happy Earnings 🙂


Solid Trust Pay (Select “Personal Account” while sign up)

Payza (Select “Personal Account” while sign up)

PayPal (Select an “Individual Account” while sign up)

Payeer (Enter Active Gmail/Yahoo Email id while sign up)

Neteller (Enter Active Gmail/Yahoo Email id while sign up)



To Diversify or Not to Diversify

This is a concept that is often misunderstood but is actually very important to your success in business. Robert Kiyosaki for example says you must apply the FOCUS (Follow One Course Until Successful) technique.  What he means here is that you should focus on one thing – one niche, let’s say make make money online, then explore it as much as you can and learn all you can about it.  As opposed to doing all sorts of things at once, e.g. selling weight loss products, selling software programs, vacation or tourism programs, etc. You should pick one niche and stick to it. So for example if you do make money online working from home kind of programs then stick to it and explore all you can about it until you are successful then you can switch or move to other types of businesses if you want.


Diversifying Within Your Niche

Nothing is as dangerous as putting all your eggs in one basket. You need to diversify your portfolio so you always have options. This allows freedom of movement and peace of mind knowing that if something were to happen with one business you are still sorted in the others. You never know what will happen tomorrow so you want to guard your income at all cost. Make it work for you.


Another reason diversifying is such a good idea is that there a lot of opportunities now, especially in the make money online niche, that you can’t not take advantage of it. This is what lead to the creation of this site as well. My aim is to share the sites that are performing very well, that you can also add to your income stream and grow your business exponentially. However, this is not at all conclusive, I am sure there are also other sites that are doing well out there. But what I put together are the sites I have first hand experience in.



My Website provides information and explanation ONLY! This site is not intended to be investment or financial advice. The information expressed is available through each program site and is not my own nor it is opinion. Any outcome is the responsibility of the affiliate and not of my own. NEVER “SPEND” MORE THAN YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE. ALWAYS do your own due diligence. The programs featured on this site are Advertisement Platforms and NOT Investment Vehicles. All purchases made within a program are for “Ad Space” and not “Investments.” ALWAYS READ EVERY PROGRAM FAQs!