Cloud Token Review – Paid to HODL?

Welcome to the Cloud Token Review. In this post we are going to look into this new project to determine its legitimacy. Is this a true decentralized wallet? Is there proof of such a claim? How secure is the wallet? Who are the team behind this project? What are their credentials? If you require answers to the aforementioned questions, and more, then you have come to the right place. This Cloud Token Review addresses those questions, separating fact from fiction. Let’s dive right in. cloud token review

Company Name: Cloud Token


Team: Ronald Aai (Blockchain Platform Architect) and Matthew Seun (Tech Program Director).

Executive Member Location: Singapore

Protocols: in green colour for https or padlock, secured site.

Domain Age:  ( was privately registered on the 21st of January, 2019.

Email Address:


What Is Cloud Token

Cloud Token is a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet which pays you to HODL. The main reason for this and how you get rewarded is because of the TA trading incorporated within it. The Cloud Token trading bot brings in 8% to 12% returns a month. The returns come in on a daily basis and are paid in cloud tokens (CTO). The project has been in beta testing since December 2018 and was officially launched on the 12th of May 2019. The video below gives an overview of what Cloud Token is all about. 


Cloud Token Overview

cloud token reviewcloud token review

          Click on “Create Account” and Use the Following Code: 1257049442

                           For a Step-By-Step Signup Tutorial Click Here


Cloud Token Features

cloud token review


True Decentralised Wallet

What immediately stands out is the fact that Cloud Token is the first True Decentralised Wallet. The wallet operates on the Blockchain and can be seen on the public ledger. The most popular wallets/exchanges are centralised and everything runs from a central server. There are a lot of advantages to this, one being that the risk of being hacked is extremely low as the servers are spread across different devices. Another point has to do with Blockchain. With a decentralised wallet, communication with Blockchain and transactions are real time.  The video below illustrates the decentralisation feature of the CTO wallet.



4th Generation Blockchain Technology

Cloud Token is sponsored by the World Blockchain Forum (WBF) and developed by the Bit Beta team under the supervision of Ronald Aai. Ronald Aai is very well suited to pioneer this project as he caries with him 25 years of development experience.

His experience varies from social media development, payment, mobile wallets, telco systems and Blockchain Technology. You can take a look at his recent project, which serves as a platform on which Cloud Token is built upon: You can visit the website to learn more about the 4th Generation Blockchain Technology.


Cutting Edge AI Trading Bot – JARVIS

Cloud token uses the AI Trading software called Jarvis. JARVIS AI is the trading bot that generates from 8% to 12% monthly profits for Cloud Token investors.

The trading strategy behind JARVIS AI is called VAROOM. VAROOM stands for Velocity & Acceleration Realistically Operating On Money and was developed by a math professor from Singapore. The following video shows Ronald Aai demonstrating Jarvis in action.




There are a couple of wallets right now that pay you to HODL your crypto and they are all doing well, which is great. However, Cloud Token is the most transparent and with great technology and some of the brightest minds in the blockchain and banking industry behind it. You can see the live trades right in your wallet as they happen.

The wallet has a news section where they keep you updated every step of the way as far as team activities, events, app updates, and important crypto news which may directly or indirectly affect the performance of the wallet.

The leader, Ronald Aai, and his team have proven themselves when it comes to this department. Ronald is hands on and communicates thoroughly and frequently with the CTO community through his Facebook profile.



Naturally, you’d like to know whether or not the wallet is secured, whether your assets are safe in this wallet. Firstly, as a decentralised wallet they use split servers between mobile devices that have the app installed, as opposed to having one centralised server which would be easier to hack.

The wallet has Mnemonic phrase which is required in the event that you forget your login password, this is very crucial for any secured wallet. They also have 2 Factor Authentication feature (2FA) coupled to the Mnemonic phrase. Over and above this they also have a payment pin which is required for every transaction (deposit or withdrawal) that occurs within the app.

The wallet also allows access to your private keys, which we all know is more than important when it comes to the security of your crypto assets.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Token


  • No packages to buy.
  • No membership fees.
  • No monthly autoship.
  • No contract, withdraw anytime.
  • Earn passively without recruiting.
  • Cloud Token generates revenue from Technical Analysis Trading.
  • The Token has the potential to increase in value 100x over 12 months.
  • Start profiting from day 1 (24-48 hours after activation).
  • All returns and commissions are paid out in Cloud Tokens (CTO).
  • They have a crypto card. Rollout of the card is incoming.



  • The app is only available on mobile, no desktop version.


Exclusive Insights into the Tech Behind Cloud Token


Cloud Token Compensation Plan

Even though you are not required to share the wallet/recruit in order for you to earn daily, it is optional. If you like sharing, Cloud Token has a generous compensation plan. As it goes, the aim is to accumulate as many tokens as possible. So when you share the wallet with others you get to earn free tokens, up to 21 levels deep, with certain requirements. Watch the video below for a thorough explanation of the compensation plan.



Cloud Token Wallet Testimonials


Cloud Token Wallet App Screenshots

is cloud token a scam

      ronald aai cloud token is cloud token a scam

           Click on “Create Account” and Use the Following Code: 1257049442

                                 For a Step-By-Step Signup Tutorial Click Here


                                      Download the Cloud Token Whitepaper

                                      Download the Powerpoint Presentation


Special Offer

After reading this cloud token review and are satisfied with what you learned, there is an offer for you. Get a FREE landing page when you sign up using my referral code. There is only one requirement that you have to meet in order to your own personalised landing page.

  • Fund your wallet with a minimum of $500. This is the only time you qualify to earn commissions in any case, so anything below that will just not count.


Once you have created and funded your wallet please send me the following information, either comment below or contact me on Facebook, Telegram, or WhatsApp.

  • Your CTO referral code
  • Your Telegram username (if you don’t have a Telegram username, set a username or Google how to do it).
  • Your Facebook profile url (go to your FB and copy your url)
  • Your email address: I will use this email address to create your landing page. You will need to confirm the setting up of your landing page email when it is ready. You will receive an email from Just accept or confirm this in your email.
  • You will have the password to customise your landing page.
  • Open an account at to use the url shortener. (I will give you instructions how to shorten your landing page url.) Check out the tutorial below.




So to provide an answer to the question: Is Cloud Token A Scam? The answer is No.  I hope with the information provided above and the proof and all the in depth information into how the wallet actually works you will now be in the position to make an informed decision as to whether or not this is something you would like to get involved in. All the best with your future endeavours. This brings us to the end of our Cloud Token Review.

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