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guest posting guidelines


SimplePassiveIncome was born out of the hunger to educate people around matters of working from home and Network Marketing. Initially I was just going to share the platforms that I take part in to earn residual income and training material surrounding network marketing; just that. However, as things evolved cryptocurrency started gaining more popularity. I started learning more about cryptocurrency and my audience demanded the same enlightenment. So that lead me to blogging about it as well. Today, I’m proud to say that what started as just an endeavour to reach an audience with the same interests as me has now brought this site to what it is today.


Even though I enjoy writing and providing value to our community – our readers – I also understand that it is refreshing to hear from a different voice, from time to time, with different sets of opinions. It is for this reason that I decided to open up to guest posting on my blog. So if you are a blogger out there, in the same niche as I am – Crptocurrency and Network Marketing – and have some value to share I would consider your Guest Post request in a positive light. However, there are certain guidelines to meet.


Why write for SimplePassiveIncome?

SimplePassiveIncome has proven itself to be one of the go to blogs when looking for helpful crypto resources and legit work from home opportunity reviews.

Our posts are sent to the loyal email list of  subscribers that is growing day by day. Our readers include top C-level executives from top e-commerce companies, directors or marketing that manage millions of dollars, marketing experts and small business owners.

When your post appears on the Simple Passive Income blog, you will share your knowledge with both leaders of the online marketing community as well as aspiring entrepreneurs.


The SimplePassiveIncome Blog accepts articles from all kinds of marketing experts and writers. However, it is highly preferable that you first pitch your idea by sending an email to


1. When you submit a full article, please stick to the following guidelines:1. General guidelines

  • Keep your articles professional and respectful to the reader. If published, your article will be read by extremely busy marketing professionals who want to find out something new and useful for their job rather than spend their valuable time for another piece of text with opinionated, watery and basic statements.


  • We do NOT accept:
    • Previously published content, so please submit your own original work.
    • Posts covering topics which already covered on the blog.
    • Posts that do not provide any useful and meaningful insights.
    • Promotional posts for your company or organization, unless they are paid.
    • Offensive or inaccurate posts.


2. Blog audience

When writing an article think of the two reader segment we have:

  • Directors and managers of online marketing: This segment represents about 20% of our readership. They are interested in strategy focused articles.
  • Marketers/small business owners: This segment represents about 80% of our readership. They are interested in tactical articles.

Posts must provide useful information to either segment.


3. Topic requirements

You article should be well-researched and have in-depth and actionable insights into the following topics that usually do very well in our blog:

  • Helpful Network Marketing Resources and Training.
  • Cryptocurrency related news.
  • How to Generate Quality Leads for your online business.


4. Copy requirements


guest post guidelines


  • The minimum size of the article should be 1,000 words. Posts should not be more than 3000+ words.
  • We waive this minimum when a post is to accompany an Infographic. In that case, they should still be no less than 300 words, and preferably at least 500.
  • Articles should be original (we do use the Grammarly plagiarism checker).
  • Your article should have an introduction, or brief description of the article contents.
  • They must stick to the basic content marketing tenet of not selling, but demonstrating knowledge and value.
  • Your article should have a conclusion or takeaways.
  • The article you are going to submit should be:
    • well-written, thus without abusing passive voice, obvious grammar mistakes and typos;
    • well-readable, meaning it should have sub-headlines, bullet-pointed lists and be broken down into paragraphs that are no longer than 5 lines.
  • Use links to prove your statements or any data you use in the articles. Please refer only to reliable sources.
  • Articles should have at least 2 images or other visual aid like diagrams or charts.
  • Please observe all copyrights regarding the images: obtain permissions for use and cite the source.
  • Please avoid run-on sentences. Whereas Yoast suggests that no more than 25% of sentences should contain more than 20 words, we certainly frown on single sentences pushing or exceeding 2 lines. We live in an ADD world. Don’t make people work too hard to read your post!
  • Punctuate well (Again, don’t make people work to guess at your sentence flow) and be consistent with your use or lack of use, of the Oxford comma.
  • Including a year in the title limits how long people will click on your posts. Removing the year can make it evergreen.
  • If your article is to do with visual marketing, include plenty of images. If it’s about video marketing, include videos. If it’s about SEO, make sure it has SEO friendly text. No point in talking about the value of an aspect of marketing, yet not using those to demonstrate your argument.
  • If people leave comments on your post, you should be happy to respond.
  • Highlight two to three key ideas of your article as quotes (list them separately after the article).
  • Include a short bio (60 words maximum) and your picture. Your bio can include two links to your website (do-follow).



We will proofread all articles and run them through a plagiarism checker. Similarly, whereas we love publishing good Infographics, these are not purely about looks. We have been known to turn down great looking graphics where statements were questionable and/or not attributed.

We share your posts to all of our channels and you should do the same, in order to get the biggest possible audience.


What will happen after you submit an article to us?

  • It may take us several weeks to review your article, so do not expect us to contact you immediately after we receive your article.
  • In case we like your article, we will contact you.
  • If we think that there is still place for improvement in your article, we will send you our suggestions. We limit article reviews to third rounds to speed up the process.


If you have any questions, please address them to