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Below you will find resources that will help you in your learning and advertising endeavours. Having an awesome product or service to offer is pointless if you can’t get eyeballs to your them. Traffic is the most important thing in business, online and offline. There a lot of different strategies that people go about exposing their products and services to thousands of people across the globe. Some of these methods require money for advertisement and some are free. You can take a look at the best paid traffic sources here.
It is most advisable to employ both the free and paid methods, provided you have the time. With free traffic there also ways to go about it to ensure you maximise your earning potential. This goes hand in hand with networking, becoming a member of social platforms, creating facebook pages and/or groups, and most importantly learning how to monetize them. The resources shown below will help you develop your marketing techniques, places to advertise your business and getting it out there, resources that experienced marketers use etc.
These are the resources that I personally use for my everyday business to generate traffic, referrals and sales. I update these resources so bookmark this page and be sure to check in from time to time for extra material.


!!!DISCLAIMER!!! This is purely intended to help you develop as an entrepreneur so you can reach your goals in whatever aspect you might be working on. There might be some areas in your business that you might be lacking in, or you just want to explore different ways you to increase referrals and sales in your business. Some of these books have private label rights, which means you can turn around and sell them to create yet another income stream. However, if you do decide to sell them just make sure that you are allowed to. This will be indicated in the book itself.

I wish you all the best.

Marketing and Business Tools You’ll Need:

Bookmarking Sites

Download PDF: How to Bookmark for Free Web Traffic


Link Building

Download PDF: Building Better Backlinks


List Building

Download PDF: The Essential Guide To List Building



Download PDF: Google AdSense Profits


Network Marketing

Download PDF: Network Marketing Commando



Download PDF: OutSource Tactics Unleashed


Online Marketing

Download PDF: The Psychology of Sales 
Download PDF: The Online Marketer’s Cheat Sheet
Download PDF: The Successful Entrepreneur


Social Media Training

Download PDF: Twitter White Knight