14 thoughts on “Mize Network Review – Legit or Scam?”

  1. I’ve been in Mize 3 months now and I can vouch that the above review is true and unbiased.

  2. I totally agree with this review. This company is on another level of transparency, income strategies, technologies, sustainability, legalities, and compliance. Everything you look for in a solid company is right here.

  3. Incredible company.

    They do everything exactly as they say! To finally, have a company so legal, so transparent, pay you directly to your BTC wallets each night is amazing. Over 50 leaders from all over the world are visiting Brazil in September 2018 to meet the whole Mize team. We are able to look at the future of the company products and future launches. Also, we are entitled to see the full financials of the company. It’s everyone’s dream to have that kind of visibility of a company. This was a no-brainer for me. I have loved every day of this company thus far.

    Absolutely brilliant.

  4. I am so impressed with my whole experience and the transparency and professionalism and forward thinking of this Company. It’s like a happy caring family.
    I’ve been scammed before, so believe me, was very cautious, but so pleased to have invested here.

  5. MIZE is a Company full of value, transparency, integrity, and cares about the SUCCESS of those who enroll. No matter your level of experience you will continue to grow here at MIZE, and connect with peers who see the CRYPTO VISION far, and wide…

  6. Fantastic company with real products. The transparency here is the best ive seen with any company online. I really enjoy my time here and the company has a great vision for a long successful future. I am really looking forward to more new products to use from this platform.

  7. I have been involved with a few MLM companys related to crypto and this is the best one I have ever come across

  8. Mize is probably the most transparent companies I have seen where owners are heavily engaged and interactive with members. Automatic payments straight to your Bitcoin wallet means no waiting for withdrawals like many companies. So far I love ❤️ it.

  9. This is so informative and Mize is a fantastic company for those that seeks long-term investment.

  10. I absolutely agree with the review. I am an investor with Mize Network. I have no complaints thus far. It is also true that the CEO and sometimes with his wife attending live webinars with investors and interested public persons. Any question concerning Mize Network is welcome and thoroughly answered. I am proud of Mize Network. James Khomo

  11. Very thorough information on Mize Network. The best is yet to come with all the new products that are being released. Glad I am a part of this growing company that will last for future generations.

  12. I fully agree with the information therein contained! I started with Mize Network in March 2018 and continued with trust and confidence my journey to getting a long-term and secure revenue. Adrian Jacuzzi is a very transparent and available CEO . He is supported by a Team of experts and I am confident for the future. It takes time to build and run a company in a secure way. We are in a real company and success needs to be founded on solid basis. Do not expect to jump on millions tomorrow! Build your success on a long term period and Mize Network is just the right tool

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