Neobux Tips and Strategy

1. Never open two Neobux accounts using the same computer and the IP address. This may lead to your account being permanently removed or deleted on Neobux. Although recently it looks like they are a bit lenient with this now but it remains the general rule just to be on the safe side. I’m sure you wouldn’t like to wake up one day to find that all your hard work and  earnings have disappeared.
2. In order for you to earn commission from your referrals you must ensure (at the very minimum) that you click the 4 orange colored ads. This will enable you to earn from your direct referrals and the mini jobs and other activities they do on the site. However, you also want to click on as many ads as possible because remember you will be earning through that also. And the trend is that the more ads you click the more ads you’ll get to click. Meaning the more active you are on the site the more ads you get to click and view.
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3. Invite your friends to join Neobux using your referral link. You will also need to emphasize that the process of signing up won’t take more than 5 minutes, and that viewing ads won’t take more than 10 minutes a day either. And if you have the right techniques, you are more active on the site completing offers, you’ll go a long way.
Use your Neobux referral link when you ask people to join. Your username should look something like this: Replace “USERNAME” with your referral link. Your referral link is located in the banners area. When you are logged in click on your username on top, it will take you to another page. Then you will see “banners” on the left under the Global tab.
4. Use a link shortener to shorten your Neobux link and also make it look or sound the way you want it to sound. Here’s a list of URL shorteners that you can use to shorten your link.
5. Buy a domain name and then forward it from the domain registrar to your site. So what you will do is buy a domain name of your choice from from sites such as Godaddy and Nemacheap, which I recommend. Login into your registrar and then grab your Neobux link and Forward it under the DNS management. If Here’s how to do it here.
6. Promote your link on social media such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Reddit, etc. This will get you a ton of direct referrals if you do it right.
7. Create  a Facebook page where you can invite your friends, boost your posts and get more eyeballs on your post. You will be posting regularly on this page so you can reach more people and get noticed more. You will want to post status updates such as proof of payments, ads, articles etc. Make it interesting and fun and encourage interaction from your fans.
8.  Create your own website and promote your PTC site there. This tends to have a higher referral rate as you get to explain more to the reader and have understand how the site you want them to join works and the steps needed to join successfully etc. Here’s an example for joining neobux with all the steps provided for you. Some sites such as neobux itself,  do not have enough information on their homepage therefore making it a bit difficult for a person to understand right off the bat how the site works.
9. If you are looking to gain more knowledge and insight into how Neobux works and how you can maximise it to make sure it works for you and to get tips as to how to use it effectively and recommendations, go to forums on Neobux. You will get a lot of tips and people who have been with the Neobux site for a very long time and who can give you expert advice.
10. Always check and do minijobs. These will accelerate your earnings and push you towards your designated cashout and financial goal quickly.


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